Engrafft - Grafted Tendril Bonsai 2 Tee White

$ 30.00 USD




The ENGRAFFT Grafted Tendril Bonsai 2 tee

The 'Grafted Tendril Bonsai' design is a natural combination of various 'living' (graphic) styles developed and refined over many years. This design was created through a grafted process- beginning in 'organic' form as a pen and ink drawing, then turned into digital form, and completed before finally being screen printed by the same hand from which the art came.. This design symbolizes staying true to oneself and ones style(s), and continuince of striving to create, cultivate, grow and evolve oneself and art, while staying true to the roots from which it all has grown.. The aim is to Engrafft this tree into your mind, and have it be a permanently planted symbol and inspiration.

Featuring original hand drawn and printed artwork by Derek Hanneman.


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